Certificate of Pedigree
Breed:  Gordon Setter Ch. Rockaplenty Ultimatum
AKC Reg. No.: Ch. Heavenly's Current Choice  
Date Whelped:   Ch. Uplord Black Fantasy
Color:  Black & Tan Ch. O'Burke Cornerstone's Clan  
Sex:     Ch. Morocco's Mastermind
OFA No.:   Ch. O'Burke's Lady Guinevere  
Breeder:  Carmen & Gail Paludi   Sutherland Nirvana O'Burke
  Ch. Heavenly Last Dance  
      Ch. Sandpiper's Race the Wind
      Heavenly with an Attitude  
        Ch. Heavenly Dirty Dancing
    Heavenly Eclipse    
      Ch. Shelwyn Heavenly Consent
    Heavenly Hanging on a Star  
    Ch. Heavenly Current Choice
  CH. NCM's Heavenly Hearts on Fire (ZuZu)  
  dam   Ch. Rockaplenty's Ultimatum
      Ch. Heavenly Current Choice  
        Ch. Uplord Black Fantasy
      Ch. O'Burke Cornerstone's Clan  
          Ch. Morocco's Mastermind
        Ch. O'Burke's Lady Guinevere  
        Sutherland Nirvana O'Burke
    Ch. NCM's Witchcraft    
      Taram Indianna Jones  
      Ch. Taram Shannara Showman  
        Korac Sef Gaelic Grace  
    Ch. NCM's Sugar Magnolia  
      Ch. Valley View Perseverance
    Ch. Valley View Ticket to Ride  
    Ch. Valley View Sunday Love
  Puppy Damon's  
    Am. Ch. Aust. Ch. Rockaplenty's Quest for Roses  
  Aust. Ch. Latchmere Navajo Joe    
      Aust. Ch. Triseter Black Miranda
  N.Z.Ch. Aust Grand Ch. Triseter Black Vader      
      Aust. Ch. Glade Famous Warrior  
    Ch. Kqrac Kirrie Krista    
  N.Z. Ch. Aust.Ch. Am. Ch. Can. Ch.Triseter Ebonie Nirvana Triseter Black Kirsty  
        Aust. Ch. Rokeena Black Thor  
      Aust. Ch.  Triseter Ebonie Dude    
    Aust. Ch. Triseter Ebonie Lainie Triseter Black Witch  
      Aust. Grand Ch. Latchmere High
    Aust. Ch. Triseter Ebonie Belle  
    Triseter Black Xtasy  
  Ch. Windcrest Take It To The Limit (Rab)  
  sire   Ch. Gordon Hill Alabama Slammer, JH, WD
      Ch. Woodsmoke's Classic Alibi, CD  
        Ch. Canterbury Blue Velvet
      Ch. Windcrest Once in a Blue Moon  
          Ch. Buteo's Confederate Dream
        Ch. Buteo's Dixie of Windcrest  
        Buteo Delta Dawn  
    Ch. Windcrest Rumors of Chiara  
      Ch. Bromwich's Full Stride
      Ch. Bromwich's Colour Me Bad  
        Ch. Heavenly Colourmagic Heavan
    Ch. Windcrest Let Time Go Lightly  
      Ch.  Woodsmoke's Classic Alibi, CD
    Ch. Windcrest Out of The Blue  
    Ch. Buteo's Dixie of Windcrest
I certify, that to the best of my knowledge,          
all the information contained herein is correct